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Do you feel inconvenienced having to return to the orthodontist periodically to get your braces tightened? The routine tightening appointments are a necessary and important part of your treatment in order to properly adjust and facilitate tooth alignment. Put in simple terms, if you don’t get your braces tightened, you won’t get the results needed. Closing the gaps and straightening the teeth requires gentle pressure exerted consistently over time.

How often and how much braces should be tightened depends on the speed whereby the final results are attained and discomfort level the patient will allow. Your dentist will discuss the options with you during the consultation. Then the decision is made to tighten, adjust, or replace wires to do the right job.

If your braces become loose, the first thing to to is to call your orthodontist and make an appointment for an immediate fix. In the meantime, you can use an eraser tip or dental wax to cover any protruding wires that my cut or irritate your inner mouth.

Dental wax should be used at any time the soft oral tissues of your mouth become irritated because of orthodontic appliances. It is a useful temporary tool for relief until the tissues toughen or the problem is fixed. Simply take a small pea-sized dab of wax and roll it between your fingers—after washing your hands, of course. Next, put the wax where relief is needed.

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