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Typically, children receive 20 primary teeth, and over time their mouths grow and the structures expand to accommodate 32 permanent teeth by the age of adulthood. Sometimes, the eruption of multiple teeth into a tightly spaced mouth can put the bite pattern at a heightened risk of experiencing a fractured or chipped tooth.

In cases where the teeth are crooked but are too overcrowded to benefit from braces, we may need to have a tooth removed first.

When the extraction of an overcrowded tooth is needed, this is done prior to attaching the braces and is performed so that your smile has enough room to allow the remaining teeth to shift. Following the removal of a tooth, your child will need to adhere to some basic aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of complications while their gums are healing.  

For a while, your child will need to remember to chew on the opposite side of their mouth to let the extraction site heal. They should also refrain from drinking through a straw so that the suction doesn’t dislodge the blood clot at the extraction site. If needed, our orthodontist can also prescribe a pain medication to be taken as instructed at appropriate times to help your child remain comfortable.

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