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Ricci Orthodontics offers a wide variety of orthodontic services so that patients of all ages and mouth types can receive the care they need. Dr. Steven Ricci will conduct a thorough examination of your dental structure to determine which treatments are right for you.
The appliances we offer at Ricci Orthodontics include:

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  • Facemask: A facemask is a removable appliance designed to increase forward growth of a patient’s top jaw. This will help align the jaws better and will also help correct any crossbite that may exist.
  • Positioner: The Tooth Positioner can finalize or refine your current orthodontic results if it is worn as directed. The Tooth Positioner is to be worn 24 hours/day for the first 4 days in order for it to be successful. It should only be removed for eating and brushing activities. During the time it is worn, we ask that it be “chewed.” In other words, repeatedly clench your teeth straight into this mouthguard-type appliance and bite together with some force for about 20 seconds and then release. Do this for 10-minute intervals every hour during the day, and the remainder of the time, simply close lightly into the Positioner. This “force” will enable the teeth to move into the ideal mold created for your teeth. This “exercising” will straighten them even better than we have accomplished with braces; otherwise, you may need additional time with braces.
  • Rapid Palatal Expander: An RPE is a non-removable appliance designed to widen or expand a patient’s jaw. By widening the jaw, we will be making more room for the remaining permanent teeth and correcting any crossbites that may exist.
  • Separators: Separators, more commonly referred to as “spacers,” have been placed between your teeth so that orthodontic bands may be placed on these teeth at your next visit. A band is like a small ring for your tooth that must be sized specifically for each individual tooth. In order to slide the band over the top of the tooth, a small amount of space is required on each side of the tooth. It is important that the separators stay between your teeth, or we may not be able to comfortably fit the bands at your next appointment.

It is our desire to obtain the best possible result from the orthodontic treatment, and in order to achieve this result, it is essential that a cooperative relationship exist between the orthodontist, the patient, and even the parents. By working together, we can attain the very best smile for each patient. Please contact our orthodontist at 678-417-9848 if you would like to learn more about types of orthodontic appliances in Johns Creek, Georgia, or schedule an appointment.

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Over $100,000 in orthodontic services has been given away to members of the Johns Creek community.

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