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The most common type of braces that orthodontic patients receive are metal, and patients of all ages get them to help them obtain beautiful and straight smiles. Modern metal braces are a lot flatter, smaller and more comfortable than those of the past.

What Are Metal Braces?

High-grade surgical stainless steel is used to make metal braces. They are attached to a patient’s teeth with steel brackets and metal wires are used to connect the brackets. The tension that the wires create slowly shift the teeth into the correct position. The wires are held in place with rubber bands that are changed during every orthodontic checkup, and patients can choose from a range of colors.

Benefits of Metal Braces

As the most common type of braces, metal braces are affordable, durable, and can be used by a variety of patients. Dr. Steven Ricci can adjust metal braces within a shorter timeline than other orthodontic devices. Patients are adapting quicker to having metal braces nowadays since they are now smaller and thinner than they were in the past.

What Is the Procedure for Braces?

The procedure for placing metal braces on teeth involves attaching a series of archwires, bands, and brackets. The bands wrap around the molars in the rear of the mouth and special tubes are connected to the bands. Dr. Steven Ricci will attach brackets to the other teeth with a special glue. Next, the wires are connected to the brackets and bands. The wires can be tightened to strengthen the tension that repositions the teeth.

Dr. Steven Ricci may also use small rubber bands, headgear, or other tools to complete the treatment. At Ricci Orthodontics, we give patients instructions during their appointments so that they know how to use these other orthodontic devices.

How Braces Work

After metal braces are attached to the teeth, they put constant pressure on the teeth to force them into the correct position. At every appointment, Dr. Steven Ricci might tighten the wires. Patients may notice that their teeth feel a little loose, but this is temporary and normal. The feeling goes away when the teeth are finished moving. Some patients need headgear or rubber bands in addition to the braces.


SmartClip is a self-ligating appliance system for braces that, unlike other similar products, does not involve opening or closing the device to insert or place archwires. The brackets are designed for easy archwire access.

In addition, colorless, light-sensitive adhesives make the procedure faster, cleaner, and less noticeable. This means that patients have reduced discomfort caused by adjustments, as they do not spend as much time in the chair and they receive efficient, reliable tooth movement. Increased comfort, faster treatment time and overall reliability make the SmartClip a good choice for many patients.

Are Metal Braces Right for Me?

If you want to correct dental problems, improve the function of your teeth, or restore your smile, you may be a good candidate for metal braces. These orthodontic devices are not just for children and teens. Many adults choose braces to improve their smiles as well. Metal braces are very stron,g and the overall treatment length is shorter than other orthodontic care for some patients.

We invite you to contact Ricci Orthodontics at 678-417-9848 if you are considering metal braces in Johns Creek, Georgia. Our orthodontist will carefully evaluate your mouth and provide you with your best treatment options.

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