teen girl with colored braces Today’s orthodontics offer more kinds of braces than ever before. One type that is very popular nowadays is colored braces. Braces are comprised of a few different components including brackets that are affixed to the teeth and metal wires that run between the brackets. In order to keep the metal wires in place, rubber bands are used to apply a small amount of pressure. Patients at Ricci Orthodontics can choose from a wide variety of different colors for their bands. This allows each patient to personalize their braces.

Benefits of Colored Braces

One of the reasons that many patients avoid orthodontic treatment is because they would like to avoid bland and unattractive metal braces. Colored bands give patients the ability to create a fun and unique appearance.

Use Colors on Your Braces to Reveal Your Personality and Style

Braces are typically worn for a year or longer, and this makes them an excellent option for showing off your style. These bands come in dozens of different colors, so how are you going to choose the right color for your own look?

Braces with Colors

This process begins with Dr. Steven Ricci cementing brackets (braces) to the front of a patient’s teeth. We attach wires to the brackets and will slowly move the teeth. Colorful bands can then hold the wires in place. For some patients, a gate can hold the wires in place, but we can attach bands as decorations.

Some of the most popular colors that you can choose from including gold, black, silver, gray, blue, green, red, orange, purple and pink. Your color options will change, so it is important that you ask about any new colors that we have received. Our team can also offer suggestions to help you find the absolute perfect bands for your own style.

Everyone has a unique personality. It’s important to our team that our patients have the opportunity to show off their style at all times. You can change out your colored bands every few weeks to help you celebrate special events, holidays, school spirit, or even your favorite teams. From bold and vibrant colors to softer pastels, colored bands will allow you to enjoy your braces. Most patients will be able to change out their bands every four to eight weeks during their follow-up appointments.

What Braces Colors Should You Choose?

Here is a look at some general guidelines that will help you choose the perfect colors during your next visit:

  • Festive colors can help you celebrate the upcoming holidays.
  • Glow-in-the-dark bands are the perfect option for a spooky vibe during Halloween.
  • Change out your bands to support your favorite team or show off your school pride.
  • Bands can complement the color of your eyes or even your favorite outfits.
  • Dark bands generally make teeth look whiter.

Ricci Orthodontics

Ricci Orthodontics is happy to provide a range of orthodontic services for the residents of Johns Creek, Georgia. To learn more about your options for colored braces in Johns Creek, Georgia, contact Ricci Orthodontics at (678) 932-0308 and arrange a consultation with Dr. Steven Ricci and the Ricci Orthodontics team.