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A bad bite refers to a misalignment that occurs within your mouth. Typically in the dental community, bad bites are called malocclusions. If you suffer from a bad bite, orthodontic treat is required. Although numerous misalignment issues can be caused by your environment and life, many others are the result of genetics or oral accidents.

Although most incisor malocclusions are relatively minor, they still must be treated to make sure your smile looks and functions properly. Various types of incisor malocclusions include overbites (also known as buck teeth), underbites (also known as bulldog teeth), misplaced midlines, open bites, and deep bites.

Crossbites are one of the most famous prominent and recognizable forms of malocclusion for the public, as they occur when your upper and lower jawbones fail to line up. Other common types of malocclusions include irregular gaps in your teeth, overcrowded teeth, teeth that break the surface of the gum line in the wrong location, and teeth that are not in their proper alignment.

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