Tooth Extraction Might Be Required When Installing Orthodontic Braces

Having Dr. Steven Ricci install traditional orthodontic braces in your child’s mouth creates an effective system capable of realigning your son or daughter’s misaligned teeth. This is often a necessary step for preserving the integrity of their teeth in the long term to prevent complications from dental attrition and dental... Read more »

What Orthodontics Can Do for Your Smile

Orthodontics is a valuable branch of dentistry that was formed to straighten crooked smiles. Orthodontic treatment often features braces as the star player. These are composed of stainless steel spacers which attached to your teeth and are linked by an archwire. The archwire is tightened every six to eight weeks... Read more »

Reap the Benefits of Invisalign®

If your teeth are crowded, spaced too far apart, or you have an overbite or underbite or almost any kind of misalignment, Invisalign may be just orthodontic treatment you need. Not only can it improve the position and health of your smile; it can do so without the necessity for... Read more »

Adults and Braces

For years, braces were considered a rite of passage for children and teenagers. However, more and more adults are opting for orthodontics so that they can enjoy the cosmetic and health benefits of a straighter smile.  Be that as it may, adults should talk with your dentist before you start... Read more »

Foods to Watch for When Wearing Braces

The braces installed at our clinic were designed to slowly realign your teeth, with periodic adjustments. Each time you visit Ricci Orthodontics to have your braces tightened, your teeth are moved one small step closer to their ideal alignment. While your braces were designed to be very durable, there are... Read more »

There are Different Variations of Braces to Help Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

Problems with an underbite, overbite or other dental alignment issues can affect your mouth in multiple ways. On an aesthetic level, even minor deviations in the orientation and position of your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile. On a functional level, when your teeth meet at an unnatural... Read more »

General Information about Bad Bites

A bad bite refers to a misalignment that occurs within your mouth. Typically in the dental community, bad bites are called malocclusions. If you suffer from a bad bite, orthodontic treat is required. Although numerous misalignment issues can be caused by your environment and life, many others are the result... Read more »

Can Your Oral Health Be Improved by Cleaning Your Braces?

The maintenance of orthodontic braces is vital to ensure that your braces can continue to do their job of fixing your misalignments. Braces are not designed to keep your teeth safe from bacteria and decay, so it is essential to continue to practice oral health hygiene habits such as brushing... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Topic: Orthodontic Braces

Are your teeth out of alignment or feel too embarrassed to smile? Do you suffer from a multitude of malocclusions, which are bad bites in your smile caused by teeth being out of ideal position? If so, improve your smile with a set of orthodontic braces. Not only will your... Read more »

The Positive Effects of Invisalign®

Malocclusion is defined as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. If you have malocclusion, Dr. Steven Ricci may recommend Invisalign® in Johns Creek, Georgia, to help you reach a straight smile. Invisalign is a set of aligners that is designed specifically for your smile. They are worn over the teeth... Read more »