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My case was more complex than most, being adult braces being done mostly by Dr. Ricci, but then pinging several times between Dr. Ricci and my regular dentist at the end of treatment. Dr. Ricci’s office was professional, friendly, and service was excellent. I was really happy with the results, and the way they took appointments from me that had to be done within hours of the regular dentist. I never had a problem with his office, and they were always friendly. They are a great place and I highly recommend them. If they can handle my rather complex case, they can handle any run-of-the-road kids and adult braces.

– Steve K | September 12, 2016

The people here are so nice! The gift cards, thank you notes, and cost of the braces are all great! I’d recommend this practice to anyone looking to get braces!

– Lori and Corey Edwards. | May 16, 2016

I love this place

– Serad | October 22, 2015

The most memorable moment about my experience during treatment is when Dr. Ricci told me that I could get my braces off. I would tell someone deciding between orthodontist that the people at Ricci Orthodontics are very nice and helpful.

– Caroline G. | July 20, 2015

How do you feel about your new smile? ~ At first it was weird, but after a few minutes I was obsessed with my smile. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. ~ What would you tell someone deciding between multiple orthodontist? ~ The staff at Ricci is really friendly, and they make you feel really welcome.

– David M. | July 13, 2015

The staff is so friendly and nice. They really helped my daughter feel comfortable when she was nervous. My daughter loved the monthly contests and spinning the wheel. They made going to the Orthodontist a much more fun and positive experience. We just completed round one of two rounds of treatment and it has gone very well so far. The treatment was easier than expected. Her teeth look perfect. We’re very happy with the results.

– Alison G. | June 3, 2015

What was most memorable about your treatment? ~Friendly and helpful even when we came in late… Why should someone pick Ricci Orthodontics? ~Positive experience in a friendly environment….and they always explain all procedures. How do you feel about your new smile? ~Best experience ever!

– Cathy R. | April 2, 2015

Awesome Orthodontist to go to

– Brendan B | March 30, 2015

Love the friendliness of your staff. Office has a “warm” atmosphere. My kids didn’t mind coming for appointments – they loved all the fun “perks”. (Gift cards, Birthdays, movie tickets were a big hit!) I looked at several treatment options, but found Ricci Orthodontics to be the best all around. They are professional, friendly and affordable!

– Dottie | March 25, 2015

We like the staff, who are friendly and make us feel welcome and relaxed. They have treated 3 of our daughters, with bite issues.

– Anita C | January 14, 2015